What We Brought To The Table

Our son is now two and is starting to craft more and more so we decided to give our playroom a bit of a “bigger kid” upgrade, starting with this little table and chair set.


This table set needs no preamble as it’s splashed all over Pinterest as one of the most popular Children’s IKEA items to overhaul (and with a price tag of $25 for paintable/stainable wood, you really can’t go wrong!) We are simply adding our design to the mix.


We gave it a coat of paint to match some of the kids’ furniture, such as this plant stand, and our daughter’s mural in case this set ends up in their room some day. We also added a chalk table surface and a metal bar for swapping art tool buckets with our craft wall!

For the chair cushions, I simply measured the seat inlay and sewed and basted 2 quilt squares for a little extra padding. They are the perfect thickness to sit inside the lip of the chair! I then drew their names on each square with a fabric marker and cured them with an iron. They’re fastened to the chairs with Velcro so I can toss them in the washer if need be!



This was definitely the quickest project we attacked this Christmas but it will probably get the most use!


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