Feeling Crafty!

We are a household of 2 graphic designers so it’s safe to say that our children are going to dabble in the family craft once in a while. So I decided I was going to take a couple of Pinspiration  😉 pins I collected, and combine them, to make a fun all-in-one craft centre.



It started with a 4×6′ piece of plywood cut into the shape of a house, then framed in 1×3″ pine and finally painted with 3 coats of chalkboard paint. We made a simple dowel and holder to house rolls of IKEA craft paper. 2 metal rods were cut to size to channel the paper to be flat against the board and also double as a tear line on the bottom. A third metal rod was spaced about 3/4″ out from the bottom rod to accommodate the pail hangers for easy access to markers, chalk, crayons, pencil crayons and eventually paint! We also added a simple eye hook and picture wire set-up to showcase the kiddos works of art!


Honestly, the most difficult part of this project was Tetris-ing the solid piece of plywood into our compact SUV!

The best thing about this project is it will provide hours of fun, adds no footprint space to our floor, it looks like an integrated piece in our home and is handy in a pinch for writing out quick things to remember or little notes to others! I couldn’t be happier with it!




    1. Something like this would be great in your playroom! It negates having to buy an art easel and chairs that take up precious space and uses an otherwise forgotten area like your walls! Do it and send me pics :D!


  1. Sarah, have you considered a side business to teach moms/dads how to make these kinds of projects? You could pre-cut all the wood and people could assemble the pieces in your lesson!

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    1. That’s actually an excellent idea but alot of the times we’re cutting and recutting to make things fit even though we’ve measured lol. It all comes together in the end but there’s a lot of fumbles and giant learning curves along the way. I can just imagine the class having to recut everything lol. Maybe if I provide enough wine and beer, no one would notice though! LOL


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