Dainty Door Dioramas!

Well, our laser cutter has finally arrived and we’ve had it running just about every day for the last 3 weeks! While I’ve been working away on a (surprise surprise) Christmas project for next year, I thought I’d play around with the different materials that came with our Glowforge! One of the materials I was anxious to experiment with, was the clear acrylic.

As I was gathering inspiration for my other project, I kept coming across little hand-drawn burrow scenes and immediately fell in love with the cozy feeling they emitted. I decided to merge the idea of burrows with name plaques and toss a little acrylic in there somewhere and got to work making these little cuties!

I thought it would be cute to make a little burrow for each plaque containing a sleeping animal of some sort so that I could etch little “Zs” onto acrylic and they would appear to be floating in the air. While there isn’t much depth to them (they’re only 4 layers) the effect is still there, I think!

I think they turned out great and certainly add to the whimsical decor of their respective bedrooms! Welcome to Caleb’s cave and Charlie’s burrow!



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