Secret Garden Nursery Tour

Up the stairs, to the right, past a fairy door and a quiet teepee under a starry sky is a secret garden! My daughter’s secret garden nursery. With tall flowers, bright colours and a few animal friends scattered throughout, her nursery seems to come alive as soon as the morning sun shines through. Even though I’ve walked past her room for months, I still stop to peer in and marvel at how pretty and perfectly girly her room looks with the sun rising through her windows. I see a lot of sunrises these days… 😐


But long before I could enjoy the view, I had to put it all together. A lot of firsts went into this room: My first real mural, first shelves of this caliber, even the first time painting dresser knobs, which probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but according to my callouses, stress levels and decrepitness during and after the project, it is a pretty big deal.  A lot of literal blood, sweat and tears went into putting it all together, but I’m so happy with how it all turned out!


The mural is all painted by hand with colours carefully chosen and re-chosen, mixed and remixed to be the perfect balance of feminine but not completely girly, young but not baby-ish. I think our daughter likes it because her head would swivel to stare at it when she was only 2 weeks old!


The shelves were built by me and painted with a few colours borrowed from her mural to tie the room together. Her dresser knobs were also decked out with the more muted colours of the room. Both the shelves and the knobs were accented with the tiniest bit of gold because every girl should have a bit of glitter in her space!

The shelves were dotted with a few of my favourite things including the bunny ear hook from Anthropologie and the fancy Fox from Wunderkammer!


Here’s a look at the opposite wall of the mural!

A garden isn’t complete without some animal friends so the collecting began! Some are passed down from her brother, others were collected from items I already had, while others are brand new, like her Lulla Doll that is becoming a fast favourite of hers!

The library (that I think almost every nursery on Pinterest has) dotted with a few staples, some classics and some interesting finds!


And lastly, some greenery. In my opinion, EVERY room should have a fig plant lol. I seriously can’t get enough of these! I was glad to have an excuse to buy another one and gain a reason to build this little plant stand!

So there it is, Charlotte’s garden nursery! A beautiful nursery that I think will transition nicely into a big girl’s room that can “grow” with her 😉 !


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