Hello World!

I didn’t think so lol.

Soon you will be here though. Soon you will read this and I won’t be talking to myself. Soon you will learn that my name is Sarah, that I’m crafty, clutsy and resourceful. Soon you will learn that I overshare, love my adorable son and soon-to-be-husband! Soon, you’ll come back for more.



  1. We are indeed here! And I’m wishing we can be friends so some of your amazing-ness can rub off on me. I LOVE the projects you have tackled…please keep them coming!


  2. Hi Sarah! I’m Hannah the Community Manager at Hometalk.com. I LOOOOVEEE your projects and wanted to reach out to your with an opportunity. Shoot me an email at hannah@hometalk.com whenever you get a chance! 🙂


  3. I stumbled upon your absolutely stunning blog on Hometalk!
    CAN’T WAIT to see what sort of other beautifully creative posts are yet to come!


  4. Hi Sarah! The tepee bed is amazing! I am just about to make a trundle bed for my son, and if I can convince my partner to tackle this project with me, I would love to make this one too. It looks like you created some specific plans for it, that are in graphic form. Is there a way that I could get those from you? Thank you!!


  5. I found your blog through Pinterest. We are currently making the teepee bed for my son. I’m so excited! This is our first major project. So far, we have made the trundle. I’m sanding and staining next weekend while my husband works on the teepee. We have had to make some adjustments since our IKEA doesn’t carry the mattress you used. I will share how it turns out when we are finished.


    1. Oh, I’m so excited! It was our first major undertaking too. It’s a bit intimidating but a year from now, you’ll still walk into his room and think “Wow! I made that!” Yes, please send us pictures! I’d love to see it!


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