Standing Tall

First off, we’re a little horticulturally (?) challenged around here so please excuse that our plant is fake lol.

I’m in the the throws of completing my daughter’s nursery days before she’s set to arrive and the final touches required some greenery. You can’t have a garden themed nursery without some plants. We found this fig tree at HomeSense during one of our seemingly weekly, (these days) visits, and I wasn’t leaving without it! We raced home, excited to stage it in the room but once we stood back to look at it, we found it a little…underwhelming. It needed some height and putting it on a table made it a little too high. I know, first world problems right?



Fortunately, HomeSense also yielded another idea! They had these planters that were on cute little wooden stands. I’ve been seeing them everywhere but never gave them much thought, but suddenly it was the perfect solution! The stands however, were glued to their pots and the plants were, again, a little underwhelming. Also, every place that sells these stands, also includes the pot for a bit of a ridiculous price (like $140!!)

To Pinterest!

After hunting and gathering inspiration, my partner and I came up with a plan of attack! To the garage! Thankfully, we seem to breed scrap wood better than we do plants, so we already had everything we needed. And all we needed was a 1 x 1 x 6′ piece of edging. By the time we went to bed, we had an entire plant stand built, painted and treated, ready to be put to work!

I won’t give a detailed tutorial since this was built specifically for our pot but I assure you, it was a pretty straight forward project! The most time-consuming part is finding your measurements. All in all this project probably cost us $15 which beats the hell out of a $75 – $140 price tag, amirite?!



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