Shop Hello BOWSERS!

Christmas Eve I decided on a whim to inject a little last minute magic into the holidays by burning a little Santa Snack Board for my kiddos. Shortly after, some of you started asking when you can put in your order. We were overwhelmed and terribly excited by everyone’s interest. Now, it was always the plan to, someday, turn our little blog into a store but it seemed it needed to happen now over later.

A store was made: You can also arrive by clicking the shop button in the top left corner AND by clicking the “Shop Now” button on our Facebook page!

At the moment we basically specialise in snack boards but we’ll be offering more of our crafts featured here once we can get our hands on supplies to meet your needs! We’re also looking into how we can branch out into new mediums and offer something truly unique. So visit us regularly to see what we’re up to!


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