It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Things are pretty crazy around here! I haven’t posted since I returned to work but I assure you, I’ve been busy! My free time is spent madly making and planning a few special pieces for some very amazing babies that are close to my heart!

As the requests for growth charts pile up every day, one particular request came across my table that I simply couldn’t pass up; A girlfriend of mine approached me to make her daughter’s very first Christmas ornament! Huge honour, right?! I know!


Wood ornaments are all the rage right now and having the tools to burn pretty much anything you can think up, makes something as important as a baby’s first Christmas, perfectly personalised!

You know what else helps? When your girlfriend is a fellow designer. She had a beautiful font she was just itching to use which happened to be perfect for this. She is also more well-versed in swashes and generally dainty girly things that only having a boy can numb you to. And so armed with her ideas, designs and fonts, I was able to complete in an evening, something that will be cherished for years to come!


I’m almost jealous of this ornament since I wasn’t burning back when my son was born last year. It never crossed my mind to do this…of course, he was less than a month old so I was waist deep in breastmilk and poop schedules and too darn tired to MAKE an ornament. Oh well, I hope this inspires someone else out there to do the same because it is a simply beautiful ornament! If you’re interested in the process, check out A Simple Craft for a more detailed walkthrough.

Merry Christmas!



  1. I absolutely LOVE it. I mean this year is my son’s second Christmas as well but I want to make a similar ornament. Do you free hand the font?


    1. Normally I do freehand my pieces but this is actually a font! It’s called Pretty Script Pro and it’s gorgeous! I simply printed my design out and sandwiched a piece of carbon paper between the printout and the ornament and traced the font, then burned inside the tracing lines. Voila!

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      1. I JUST seen this. Yay. Thank you. I’m so not creative so that will help so much. I’m OBSESSED with your little guys entire room! Omg.


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